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Montgomery Residents - Poor credit is something you can overcome! 


We say "Yes!"  For a limited period of time, no matter the situation or the circumstances, our credit approval experts can help you get an auto loan and on the road to repairing your credit score. It could have been from missed payments, late payments, collections notices, loan defaults, repossession or bankruptcy.    


This is where your Montgomery Drive Dealers can help with special financing auto loans.  We work with a network of lenders that offer special lending programs to buyers with less than perfect credit.  We get you from a low credit score into the vehicle you need.


Getting approved for an auto loan is just the first step Montgomery Drive Dealer.  We are here to help improve our customers' lives. We will educate you about repairing damaged credit. We do this for everyone, even if they have not had the best track record in the past or have gone through a bankruptcy.

Need Credit Assistance?
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